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The Workshop

At Staple&Co, we don’t settle for anything less than the highest level of quality, craftsmanship and precision, that’s why none of our pieces are mass-produced. Instead, we leave it up to the masterful hands in our Sydney workshop to bring each and every one meticulously to life.

Led by Portuguese-born Flavio, this small family-run business has a long lineage of carpentry and upholstery expertise. Using traditional methods passed down from generation to generation, each item is carefully handcrafted from the ground up, so not one stitch, fabric or leather is ever identical, making your Staple&Co yours and yours alone.

Creating beautiful, contemporary furniture ‘the old-fashioned way’ with our workshop is something we’re extremely proud of. And when you discover the exceptional finish and attention to detail in your piece, we have no doubt that you’ll feel the same.